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Red, White and Blue Chips

Oct. 25, 2010, 11:16 a.m. EDT

Booritos anyone? Restaurants woo trick-or-treaters

time John Wordock and this indeed is brand Wiatt in blue chips money is for everyday Americans and joining us is Ann Cates ... she's an everyday American who happens to be a reporter who covers ... money news and consumer issues ... and she joins us now to talk about how restaurants are getting ready for all we still and I love pummel mean ... I like the candy I like the candied apples I like the trick or treaters ... I don't like people who put toilet paper on MindTree's at home but that AOL is data that and add ITX for toilet paper or back to my dad I know well and let you know and logo come to my house please nonetheless Uganda help me clean it up ... so so water restaurants doing here ahead of the ... big holiday ... Elaine is falling on a Sunday this year and a lot of experts think we may get a bigger turnout both in terms of people going out party going up nine cents they have a number of restaurants ... around the country that will take advantage of the fact that it's hollowing for example ... there's a restaurant called Sochi in Philadelphia that will be ... offering a day and his dad menu including blood sausage ... beef our tacos ... and Freibaum now it's just one example right there ... so delicious ... Papa Murphy's the Jackal and turnkey TSO will be back at the pumpkin pizza with pepperoni smile and black olive eyes ... you have the cupcake re offering super grows cupcakes with ... things like a candy I've long garnish is this a lot about this time the year ... to be headed to Pall a that's a national chain of what they're offering to Dollar ... boo Rico's ... to customers just like horrifying processed food interesting after six pm on hollowing and ... the ... than nation's Restaurant News points out that in the poll is also offering free burritos so ... maybe I'll had their ... ratings and one thing ... I have not heard about I mean it seems like such an obvious thing ... um ... I noticed that I was recently at a nine comp ... and ... they are having scary day on October twenty nine to come in and you can get a free pumpkin ... with the candy corn on a much so shore I one would want to it that but ... I mean it seems so logical you couldn't blueberry pancakes Iowa have but for some reason chains out there like I guess for McDonald's are not going to do it because they do the same thing over and over and they do really well bought ... from ABI opt for some local chains I mean ... it seems like a natural for restaurants to step up and ... have a whole Wheen's team and I quite frankly someone who's been out there eating I have not seen this room too much I don't know why ... I think that they be interesting to go to some bars and restaurants on the links I suspect you are going to see a lot of people ... dressed up and maybe the restaurant so come up with some last-minute promotions link to it and I know Luby's the ... in the cafeteria chain based in Texas is also ... doing Halloween themed cupcakes so ... maybe we should head out there and see what's out there on the horizon and bought the Texas City Texas and are a band the Maybe will send you down there ... with the radio here and you can report that sounds like a plan let us know how the cupcakes are OK ... so that is Ann Cates she tracks restaurants and other money news for everyday Americans ... and on John Wordock and this has been red white ... and blue chips

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