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Cody Willard

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June 18, 2020, 10:19 a.m. EDT

Navigating the topsy-turvy stock market is easier if you set longer-term goals

Cody Willard shares a personal story that applies to the economy and investing

By Cody Willard, MarketWatch

Yesterday we had a tire blowout on our handicap van in the center lane of a six-lane highway in Albuquerque, N.M., during rush hour on what was supposed to be a six-hour drive home from a trip to Durango, Colo., over the weekend.

Driving six hours with two kids can be a challenge. Driving six hours with two kids, one of whom is medically fragile with oxygen needs, can be a bigger challenge. We had to pull over to the median in a dangerous situation with trucks and cars blowing by us at 75 miles an hour just a couple feet away.

There’s a stock market analogy and lessons for us here. We might think we have an easy plan, an easy route, an easy way to get to where we want to go with our money and investments. But we never know exactly what obstacles, hard times, crises or other unknowns we’ll hit along the way. When you’re on the wrong side of the market, you might be scared — but the best way to deal with it all is as directly and with as little emotion as possible. Put things back together and find solutions to your problems. Plan for problems and that way you at least have a fighting chance when they come along.

Cody Willard writes the Revolution Investing investment newsletter for MarketWatch and posts the trades from his personal account at TradingWithCody.com.

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