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Dec. 5, 2021, 5:00 p.m. EST

The Nasdaq and the Dow are now trading in a way that was evident just before the internet bubble burst

By MarketWatch


Sessions with one major stock index closing higher while another finishes lower have become more frequent, and that doesn't reflect a healthy market. See full story.

‘A perfect storm’ as bitcoin stages weekend crash that puts it on verge of ‘breakdown.’ Here’s what crypto bulls are saying.

A downturn in global stocks appears to be spilling over into the nascent crypto market. Here's what experts say is happening. See full story.

Insider buying says a Santa Claus rally is on the way — here are 10 stocks they favor

Hang on to your stock-market exposure and add more if you can. The twin fears spooking investors – the omicron COVID strain and inflation – are overdone. See full story.

I bought my home for $30,000, and now it’s worth almost $3 million. How can I avoid a massive tax bill?

Capital gains aren’t the only factor to consider in anticipating the tax burden of an inherited home. See full story.

Adobe worth $26 billion less as DocuSign fears spark ‘knee-jerk reaction’ for stock

Shares of Adobe Inc. are sinking Friday and on track for their worst performance in more than 20 months, after DocuSign Inc. delivered what some saw as a the latest sign of a cool-down in demand for work-from-home software. See full story.


‘My dad has a small life-insurance policy, a 401(k), a small pension, totaling less than $100,000.’ See full story.

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