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Biden Introduces National-Security Cabinet Nominees

  • Biden Introduces National-Security Cabinet Nominees Biden Introduces National-Security Cabinet Nominees 7:10
    Tensions Escalate Further in Portland, Trump Declares Federal Agent Surge Tensions Escalate Further in Portland, Trump Declares Federal Agent Surge 2:13
7:58 a.m. Today - By Joy Wiltermuth
What is the Jones Act? And why might waiving it help ease East Coast gas 'supply crunch'?The Biden administration is exploring a temporarily waiver of the Jones Act, a U.S. shipping law, to allow foreign vessels to carry fuel up the Eastern Seaboard to ease supply bottlenecks following the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.
11:39 a.m. May 11, 2021 - By Victor Reklaitis
Biden administration says no need to hoard gasoline after Colonial Pipeline attack, sees 'supply crunch' not a shortageThe Biden administration on Tuesday says hoarding gasoline isn't necessary and warns gas stations against price gouging, as officials work to respond to the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack that has led some stations in the Southeast to run out of fuel.
11:59 a.m. May 10, 2021 - By Myra P. Saefong
Here's what the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack means for energy marketsColonial Pipeline is aiming to “substantially” restore operations by the end of the week --- a goal that analysts say could avert widespread panic at the pump and lasting repercussions for fuel markets after the largest pipeline in the U.S. was shut down over the weekend in response to a ransomware attack.
4:08 p.m. May 9, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Pipeline cyberattack linked to criminal gang that targets corporations The cyberextortion attempt that has forced the shutdown of a vital U.S. pipeline was carried out by a criminal gang known as DarkSide that cultivates a Robin Hood image of stealing from corporations and giving a cut to charity, a person close to the investigation said Sunday.
12:48 p.m. May 2, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
North Korea says Biden made 'big blunder' in calling it a security threatNorth Korea on Sunday warned that the United States will face “a very grave situation” and alleged that President Joe Biden “made a big blunder” in his recent speech by calling the North a security threat.
5:19 p.m. April 28, 2021 - By MarketWatch
Biden’s first speech to Congress: full textHere is the text of President Joe Biden’s speech, as prepared for delivery to Congress on Wednesday night, as released by the White House.
4:34 a.m. April 28, 2021 - Barrons.com
Deadline for New ID for U.S. Air Travel Is Extended Again U.S. air travelers will have two more years to ensure their driver’s licenses are Real ID compliant.
4:20 a.m. April 28, 2021 - Barrons.com
Forget the Fed. Biden’s $1.8 Trillion Plan Is What Matters. Biden boosts federal minimum wage, less stringent mask rules and a return to office by July, profits soar at tech firms, and other news to start your day.
9:39 a.m. April 19, 2021 - By Paul Brandus
America is getting out of Afghanistan after two decades. Threats today come from within the U.S.We may not feel any safer, as homegrown domestic terrorism takes root.
11:33 a.m. April 17, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
SolarWinds hacking campaign puts Microsoft in the hot seatThe sprawling hacking campaign deemed a grave threat to U.S. national security came to be known as SolarWinds, for the company whose software update was seeded by Russian intelligence agents with malware to penetrate sensitive government and private networks.
8:01 p.m. April 15, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Biden expulsion of Russian diplomats and new sanctions regime aim to make Kremlin pay for election attacks and SolarWinds hackPresident Biden and other U.S. officials emphasize the response is proportional and targeted and not intended to kick off a ‘downward spiral’ in bilateral relations.
1:01 a.m. April 15, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Five reasons you should renew your passport nowEven if you're not traveling soon, this is one of the best times to renew your passport, even if it doesn’t expire in 2021.
5:00 a.m. April 13, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
It is time to kick counterfeit goods off Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and other e-commerce sitesHere's part of the solution: Bipartisan legislation would require sellers to verify their identity
5:53 a.m. April 12, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Detailed new Pentagon accounting of Capitol riot reflects pleas for assistance and order, Trump reluctance to act'Clear the Capitol,' said Mike Pence. 'We need help,' pleaded Chuck Schumer. Order would not be restored for hours.
2:01 p.m. April 6, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Senators press for more details on scope of SolarWinds hackKey lawmakers said Tuesday they're concerned they've been kept in the dark about what suspected Russian hackers stole from the federal government and they pressed Biden administration officials for more details about the scope of what's known as the SolarWinds hack.
6:51 a.m. March 29, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
SolarWinds hackers reportedly accessed top DHS officials' emailsSuspected Russian hackers gained access to email accounts belonging to the Trump administration's head of the Department of Homeland Security and members of the department's cybersecurity staff whose jobs included hunting threats from foreign countries, The Associated Press has learned.
1:11 p.m. March 24, 2021 - By Chris Edelson
We failed to foresee the pandemic --- these other big risks are staring us in the faceClimate change is an existential threat, and domestic terrorism could erode democracy.
3:54 a.m. March 19, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Republicans seize on surge of migrants to U.S.'s southern border as midterm political wedgeFormer Trump aide Stephen Miller says Republicans increasingly identify a crisis at the border as politically appealing to base and swing voters.
1:36 p.m. March 17, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
'Unsubstantiated': Russia reacts to U.S. intelligence assessment on 2020 election interferenceReport released by Office of the Director of National Intelligence represents the most detailed assessment of the array of foreign threats to the 2020 election.
3:17 p.m. March 16, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Biden faces new challenge as child border crossings surge A surge of migrants on the Southwest border has the Biden administration on the defensive, with the head of Homeland Security acknowledging the depth of the problem Tuesday but insisting it’s under control and that he won’t revive a Trump-era practice of immediately expelling teens and children.
11:27 a.m. March 15, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Biden calls on FEMA to manage and care for burgeoning population of immigrant children at borderThe Biden administration is turning to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for help managing and caring for record numbers of unaccompanied immigrant children who are streaming into the United States by illegally crossing the border with Mexico
12:32 p.m. March 10, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Voting rights intensify as partisan battleground, with Democrats pushing H.R. 1 and Republicans altering election procedures at state levelThe Biden White House said the bill ‘is urgently needed to protect the right to vote,’ and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi observed last week that the first 300 of the legislation's 791 pages were written by the late Rep. John Lewis.
9:12 a.m. March 4, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Law enforcement on high alert after possible militia plot warning at CapitolLaw enforcement was on high alert Thursday around the U.S. Capitol after authorities said intelligence had uncovered a “possible plot” by a militia group to storm the iconic building again. The alert came two months after Donald Trump supporters smashed through windows and doors to try to stop Congress from certifying now-President Joe Biden's victory.
7:38 a.m. March 4, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Trump admin declined to investigate Elaine Chao's ethics violations at TransportationThe Transportation Department’s watchdog asked the Justice Department to criminally investigate Elaine Chao late last year after it determined she had misused her office when she was transportation secretary under President Donald Trump but was rebuffed, according to a report released Wednesday.
4:10 a.m. March 4, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Lies, disinformation and conspiracy theories are increasingly being embraced as acceptable political strategy, AP investigation findsA faction of local, county and state Republican officials is pushing lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories that echo those that helped inspire the violent U.S. Capitol siege, online messaging that is spreading quickly through GOP ranks fueled by algorithms that boost extreme content.
6:16 a.m. March 2, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
FBI chief Christopher Wray faces Senate questioning over Jan. 6 riot at Capitol FBI Director Chris Wray is set to testify for the first time since the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, with lawmakers likely to press him on whether the bureau adequately communicated with other law enforcement agencies about the potential for violence that day.
3:30 p.m. Feb. 24, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Capitol Police were warned of potential violence before riot, chief saysCapitol Police knew armed extremists were primed for violence at the iconic building on Jan. 6 and even provided officers with assault rifles to protect lawmakers, the acting chief acknowledged Wednesday. But the wild invasion of the Capitol was far worse than police expected, leaving them unprepared to fight it off.
4:37 a.m. Feb. 24, 2021 - Barrons.com
Here’s One Way the GameStop Speculation Could End GameStop’s CFO is stepping down, Biden to sign an executive order to address chip shortage, Fed is committed to easy money, and other news to start your day.
11:34 a.m. Feb. 23, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Security officials blame faulty intelligence for Jan. 6 failures at CapitolTestifying for the first time about the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, former security officials blamed faulty intelligence for the disastrous failure to anticipate the violent intentions of the mob that invaded the building and interrupted the certification of the presidential election.
6:14 a.m. Feb. 23, 2021 - Barrons.com
Biden Marks 'Heartbreaking Milestone' of More Than 500,000 U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Here’s what you need to know to navigate the markets today.
7:08 a.m. Feb. 18, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Federal agents seize over 10 million counterfeit N95 masksFederal agents have seized more than 10 million fake 3M brand N95 masks in recent weeks, the result of an ongoing investigation into counterfeits sold in at least five states to hospitals, medical facilities and government agencies.
6:59 a.m. Feb. 16, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Democratic congressman sues Trump over role in Capitol riotA Democratic congressman accused Donald Trump in a federal lawsuit on Tuesday of inciting the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and of conspiring with his lawyer and extremist groups to try to prevent the Senate from certifying the results of the presidential election he lost to Joe Biden.
6:24 a.m. Feb. 4, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin orders military to stand down and examine extremism in ranksChief Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Austin met with all of the military service chiefs and secretaries on Wednesday and told them he was ordering a "stand down" by all units in the next 60 days.
10:08 a.m. Feb. 2, 2021 - By Meera Jagannathan
ICE won’t make immigration-enforcement arrests at COVID-19 vaccine sites, DHS says'It is a moral and public-health imperative to ensure that all individuals residing in the United States have access to the vaccine,' the statement said.
12:27 p.m. Feb. 1, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Freshman congresswoman from Georgia poses challenge to Republican unity in Biden eraDemocrats decry the selection of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene — who has spoken critically of victims and survivors of the Sandy Hook and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school massacres — for the education committee.
10:43 a.m. Jan. 27, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Terrorism alert from Homeland Security Department emphasizes domestic extremism threat'Information suggests that some ideologically motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence,' the alert says.
6:33 a.m. Jan. 27, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Biden plans immigration-related executive orders on Friday to reverse Trump's policiesPresident Biden plans to sign more immigration-related executive actions reversing his predecessor’s policies on asylum seekers and refugees in the coming days, according to people familiar with the plans.
11:35 a.m. Jan. 26, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Federal judge bars Biden from enforcing 100-day deportation banA federal judge on Tuesday barred the U.S. government from enforcing a 100-day deportation moratorium that is a key immigration priority of President Joe Biden.
9:40 a.m. Jan. 25, 2021 - By Jacob Passy
Biden is reversing Trump’s transgender military ban — but workplace discrimination remains a problem for LGBT AmericansReversing the ban is one of multiple steps the Biden administration has taken to boost government support of the LGBT community.
7:55 a.m. Jan. 25, 2021 - MarketWatch.com
Biden reversing Trump's ban on transgender people in the militaryPresident Joe Biden is signing an order Monday reversing a Pentagon policy that largely barred transgender individuals from joining the military.
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